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#NursesCount - Building Children's Nursing for Africa Conference 2021

We welcome you to join us in 2021 for the fifth biennial Building Children's Nursing for Africa conference. 
It will be held on 23rd June, online using the Whova app and Zoom. 

It will be a participative conference to consider and celebrate what counts in excellent nursing care of Africa's children and their families. This years theme is #NursesCount and the sub-themes are: 

  • Using Nursing Data to Understand and Improve Nursing Practice
  • African Nursing Knowledge Counts
  • Developing Children's Nursing through Education

REGISTRATION is now open, although abstracts have now closed.  

For more information, contact: Faiza Pearce at the Children's Nursing Development Unit
Tel: +27 (0)635545548 / Email: faiza.pearce@uct.ac.za