African Paediatric Fellowship Programme

A key goal of the Children's Nursing Development Unit is to establish partnerships with other African countries to increase the availability of high quality sustainable child nurse training programmes (for more information about this, see our Partner Sites pages). A Strategic Engagement model is used to guide this process and one aspect of this is offered in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at UCT through the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme (APFP). Strategically chosen clinical nurses and nurse educators are recruited onto either the Postgraduate Diploma in Child or Critical Care Child Nursing, OR Master of Nursing in Child Nursing programme as Nurse Fellows, whilst purposefully designed & region-fit curriculum is written and accredited for programmes in their own countries. On their return, they in turn, can teach into the new programmes, and begin to offer training and support to other institutions in surrounding countries. 

The Children's Nursing Development Unit is proud to host these APFP Nurse Fellows and since 2008, 81 nurses from 8 African countries have graduated with either the Postgraduate Diploma or Masters of Nursing in Child Nursing. 

To read more about the APFP fellows, past and present, click on links below: 

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