How to Apply

All applications for courses (PG Diplomas, Masters and PhD) need to be made ONLINE via the UCT website.  Contact us if you need any assistance.

Applicants are invited from all South African provinces and wider African countries. Focussed additional support is available through our African Paediatric Fellowship Programme (APFP).

Online applications are open from April in the year prior to your study commencing. International UCT applications close on the 30th of September and South African applications on the 31st of October in the same year.    

IMPORTANT: Prior to completing the UCT online application, we ask that you please complete the CNDU additional information form by clicking here.
This enables us to find out more about your nursing experience to ensure that you fulfil the necessary clinical admission requirements and are choosing the programme most suited to both you and your clinical context. This form also gives you the opportunity to indicate whether you will be needing funding support (for example, if you do not have funding support from your employer). Some bursaries/fellowships are available and so more information will be sent to you should you indicate that you may be in need.  

IMPORTANT: If applying from a country other than South Africa, it is vital to contact us by February of the year prior to study to assist you with registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC), accommodation, and all the other practical arrangements necessary in order to study at UCT. The SANC registration process takes at least 9 months and so the process must be commenced by at least March of the year before you plan to study.

Any queries with regard to any of this or any of the programmes on offer, please contact Mrs Jane Vos, Programme Manager:
Phone +27 21 685 5492 

Click here to complete your online application. 

Additional contact details: 

For additional support through the application process, please contact:

​Salega Tape (Postgraduate Admissions Officer in the Faculty of Health Sciences): 
Phone +27 21 406 6340 

If wanting to study for a PhD, a discussion with Prof Minette Coetzee (Programme Director), is strongly encouraged prior to formal application via the UCT website. To arrange this please contact Mrs Jane Vos (Phone +27 21 658 5492 Email