During the period from 2005 – 2013 Prof Minette Coetzee made several visits to Zimbabwe to meet with various stakeholders related to children’s nursing. Significant conversations with regard to commencement of a Children’s Nursing training programme developed specifically for the local context of Zimbabwe, commenced in earnest in 2017. This was with the National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Bulawayo. This connection was initiated by Dr Thabani Thatha, a Zimbabwean African Paediatric Fellowship Programme (APFP) Doctor.  Since then NUST and CNDU have developed a strong partnership and NUST are in the process of developing their own purpose fit paediatric nursing training programme for Zimbabwe.

Partnership Visit, February 2019:
Visit to Cape Town by Yevonnie Chauraya from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo

Yevonnie Chauraya, university nursing lecturer from Zimbabwe, joined the UCT based team of child nurse educators for a three-week internship from January to  February 2019. The purpose of this internship was to provide a nurse educator with the opportunity to join an established children’s nursing programme team to share ideas and learning. Yevonnie will be co-leading the new children’s nursing programme design and delivery at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Under the guidance of Prof Minette Coetzee and her team at the Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative, they shared ideas on how best to train nurses nursing children and so improve the lives of those children and their families in countries in the southern and eastern regions of Africa.

Partnership Visit, May 2018:

Working with Nursing at National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Bulawayo, to develop a purpose-fit context specific children’s nursing curriculum in Zimbabwe

In May 2018 Prof Minette Coetzee & Jane Vos (CNPDI’s Programme Manager) accompanied by four senior paediatric nurses travelled to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and co-hosted a curriculum development workshop with the National University of Science & Technology (NUST).  

Jane, accompanied by UCT’s second year Master of Nursing In Child Nursing (MNCN) students travelled 2 days ahead of Prof Coetzee to Bulawayo. The students were there to conduct a two week practice development project at Mpilo Hospital, Bulawayo. Click here for report of their visit. Jane had the opportunity to visit Mpilo Hospital as well as to meet with faculty from NUST before the formal workshop.  

The 3 day workshop commenced with a formal stakeholder meeting. The invitation was wide and the 40 delegates included representatives from Ministry of Education;  Ministry of Health & Child Care; central and regional health facilities; paediatrician clinicians; schools of nursing at colleges and universities; the regulatory body  and in-country agencies, organisations & communities as deemed important by the hosting stakeholder. 

The purpose of the meeting... 

Read more was to gather stakeholder perspectives around establishing a paediatric nursing programme in Bulawayo - work included participant expectations, challenges, available resources and educational and legislative framework in Zimbabwe, in which a paediatric postgraduate programme could be established at NUST.

The second and third days, 23rd- 24th May, Minette Coetzee facilitated and led a  participative curriculum development and design process. The process of design was led by principles established by similar work that CNDU has done since 2011 in 4 other SADC countries. All 3 days were intentionally participative and utilised highly visual methods to guide process and thinking.

By the end of day 3, the Department of Nursing at NUST had the blueprint of a core curriculum for children’s nursing and were ready to complete the requirements to take through the local Zimbabwea accreditation processes. There was a real sense of appreciation of both the value and need for a  paediatric nursing training programme that will equip paediatric nurses for the health needs of Zimbabwean children and their families.

This was a great opportunity to establish a partnership with Zimbabwean colleagues as we together build children’s nursing in Africa. We were warmly hosted by Dr Gwini, Dr Chaibva and her team and remain grateful to Dr Thabani Thatha, from Mpilo Hospital, for connecting us in the first place and thus making this collaboration possible.