Teaching Tuesdays

Welcome to 'Teaching Tuesdays'!

Every Tuesday we will share a link to a video via our Facebook page. Each video will address a different clinical topic, with the hope of us all gaining a new piece of information or two.

Each month the links will have a different focus, all close though to all of our children’s nurse's hearts.  – Common Childhood Conditions. They will be conditions that we all see in in all areas of clinical practice and we hope that a refresher of information is received with interest. Watch them, learn from them, integrate the knowledge into your practice and share as widely as you can! 

The links to the videos will also be uploaded here at the end of each month, and stay here so that you can easily find it again.. and to maybe share with someone else! 

May 2021 - Common Childhood Conditions 

June 2021 - Common Childhood Conditions - Respiratory 

July 2021 - Everyday Childhood Conditions 

August 2021 - Newborns with a particular emphasis on Cardiac Conditions

September 2021 - Emergency Care with a focus on IV access

October 2021 - Infection Control and Pain

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To note: Videos have been sourced due to their high quality of information and delivery but will require consideration of applicability to your individual clinical setting.