First Children’s Nursing Educators Forum of 2021 – Aligned to International Nurses Day

31 May 2021 - 15:15

The first meeting of 2021, for the Children’s Nursing Educators Forum (CNEF), was a virtual meeting attended by educators from 8 different countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Eswatitni, Namibia, Zambia and Saudi Arabia. The date of our meeting fortuitously coincided with International Nurses Day!

After a brief, individual introduction by all the Educators, a Wooclap poll was used to ask the question: “What helps you find your voice to lead?” Answers supplied in the picture graphic to the right. 

We heard presentations from the different schools in attendance as to what they are working on this year, and their achievements and challenges so far. It is reassuring to hear many of the challenges are ones we are all experiencing. Question time allowed for issues to be raised and supportive answers/suggestions/encouragement to be received and/or given.

A Wooclap poll was once again used to decide, going forward, whether we should formalise the CNE Forum by forming an association with leadership positions and if so, who would be interested in taking on such roles. It would appear from the results that the majority of participants were keen for the Forum to be formalised.

Once again a succesful meeting of Children’s Nursing Educators. Our next time to meet will be at the online Building Children’s Nurses Conference on the 23rd June 2021. Details for this are available here.